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"It is the sufferings of the many which pay for the luxuries of the few"

-Greta Thunberg

Capitalism is overdue a reckoning. Extractive companies have plundered the earth, asset stripped lands foreign and domestic, eviscerated our life-support systems and trapped billions in poverty in pursuit of private profit.

Where does animation feature? Exploitative industries weaponise misdirection, using manicured PR and advertising campaigns as tools to avoid scrutiny. Polluters pump money into convincing the public that they're on our side, making it harder to stand against them or fully comprehend their harmful impact.

This misinformation is facilitated by phalanxes of marketeers, creative directors, and artists. It is through the creative sector that big polluters continually dodge scrutiny.

In alignment with the interests of people and planet, I never take on work which perpetuates, directly or indirectly, extraction, greenwashing, or exploitation.

It's my guarantee of quality!

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