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“With his wonderful, unique cartoons, Christopher Harry has almost single-handedly created the Great Baldini brand.  He ‘gets it’ from the brief to the execution to the final product.  The turnaround time is equally impressive.  His Baldini cartoons, used in publicity, on-line and actually in the shows, are superb and have been central to the act’s success over the last three years.”

- The Great Baldini, Award Winning Bristol Magician

"Christopher absolutely nailed the brief I gave him for my short documentary. A pleasure to work with and an amazing creative mind to collaborate with. I can’t fault him or his animation."

- Olz McCoy, Documentary Filmmaker

"Christopher is a fantastic animator, one who can thoughtfully translate a brief into an utterly charming and emotive visual style. His knack for physical storytelling means his work offers a rare degree of empathy and gentle humour. He is an asset to whichever project he takes on!"

- Quint Boa

Owner, Shoot You Creative Agency

“Christopher is an absolute dreamboat to work with. He is diligent in his work ethic and fearless when it comes to new workflows and software. His passion for the craft and undeniable talent for character animation is underscored by a terrific sense of humour and infectious energy. Get this man on board, you won’t regret it!”

- Ben Gardener

Creative Director, Strange Acre Studios

"Christopher fully justified his brief, and with empathy, sensitivity, and creative intelligence embraced the concept and created an animation that has been widely praised. He is an aware and caring young man, with a broad view of life, and was a pleasure to work with”

- Frederick Webb

Children's Book Author

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