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I AM a young and furious animator who wants to animate for YOU!

I've produced several shorts, most of which culminate in someone getting hit in the head with something. Why mess with a winning formula?

But this only illustrates a fraction of my true animation power...

My Business Philosophy

Total economic / systemic disruption is nigh. Either it'll be thrust upon us by climate change, or it'll be the good kind of disruption we create for ourselves, where we transition to a green economy.

Where does ANIMATION fit? Polluting, exploitative companies sanitise their image with a bombardment of PR campaigns and advertising. They avoid scrutiny using greenwashing, employing the CREATIVE sector to so efficiently facilitate this deception. Were artists and producers to withdraw their talents from these misinformation campaigns and cut ties with big polluters, we'd turn the tide on those industries who are killing us, see their true forms, and fight back.


In the interests of people and planet, I never take on any work which perpetuates extraction, greenwashing, or exploitation. That way, things can actually start to get better.

It's my guarantee of quality!

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